Friday, January 16, 2015

Pum Pum Socks

It feels intimidating, and almost pointless to add my voice to a sea of others who have already talked about the glorious new Pum Pum socks but I feel that as a frilly sock enthusiast it is my job to report on the latest and greatest in hosiery news.
Pum Pum Socks was originally conceived way back in 2009 when Stylist Savannah Baker made her own socks for styling purposes embellished with frills attached. But it's only now in late 2014 that the brand has launched commercially and become available to the public and through major online retailers such as Opening Ceremony, Brown's and VFiles. All of this wouldn't be possible were it not for the business sense of Gemma Shane as well as worldwide interest in what seems to be a very simple venture.
The socks come in five different styles, the likes of which have been spotted on artists such as Lana Del Rey, Rita Ora and Azelia Banks AND there is also talk of a men's range coming soon. What's most attractive about this brand to me is the clever wordplay and sense of empowerment- the phrase Pum Pum (meaning vagina in Jamaican patois) has been devoid of its vulgar use and paired with 'Gyal' used for  female artists, dancehall queen and creatives. So basically not only are we buying into cute frilly socks (which I adore on their own, even when sold by problematic companies such as American Apparel) but the empowerment of women without it becoming too cheesy or commercial.

*Images 1-12 images and video via  13 & 14- Suitcase Magazine, 15- Champ Magazine, 16- Jungle Pussy.


  1. The frills remind me of the cultural skirts my mom would put on me as a toddler and kid. Hahah

  2. Love this collection of photos!!! Frilly socks are my absolute fav