Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Karen Walker's 'Visible' Campaign 2014

The subjects of last season's Karen Walker sunglasses photo shoot were the exuberant and adorable little old ladies of Advanced Style. This season has a more noble agenda, working in collaboration with the United Nations' Ethical Fashion Initiative Derek Henderson has delivered another stunning series of portraits. The subjects are artisan's from both rural and urban Kenya and as the name suggests, Visible aims to increase awareness on a global scale of emerging designers. I've followed various Karen Walker campaigns since about 2009, but this might possibly be my favourite. Sunglasses from this New Zealand designer are everywhere on fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities alike and at last their huge profile has been used to benefit others in the industry.

The retro cat eye designs of last season are out and we instead see the return of unisex square-faced frames in tortoiseshell and black. The trademark arrows can be seen on the arms of all their designs as per usual but we're seeing the return of some older designs, such as Number One re-imagined in pastel. There's not a huge variety of shapes and sizes to chose from but from the photo shoot so far we can only see ten photos. The large, round lenses set in glittery frames continue to reign but are no longer given a two-dimensional appearance and have been lovingly fleshed out. While I loved the Orbit designs of last year I think these new incarnations are slightly more naturalistic in their design. I'm not sure if I'll get anything yet because there's already so much stuff I want to buy for my journal and clothes but I think it will be interesting to watch the reception of this particular campaign.


  1. Too cool! I love the models and i want all of these sunglasses!

  2. ah, i love these sun glasses! the models are so great as well!

    lindsey louise

  3. I would die for those teal glasses!