Friday, August 30, 2013

Nina Ricci Spring 2010

As some of you may be aware of, Brad Goreski dressed as everyone's favourite pint-sized hero Tavi Gevinson on Halloween 2010; particularly channeling her wicked sense of style with multiple layers of tulle skirts with socks and strappy heeled sandals. Nina Ricci has managed to emulate her style in a single piece using lace in the spirit of tweed, tulle and embellishments. It's a very fussy look; but I appreciate the sense of characterization. In Harry Potter he had a neighbor (secretly a witch) whose house smelled like cabbage and apparently she had like heaps of cats and was a little crazy. If we had seen her represented in the movies, I'd like to think her wardrobe would have been something like this but with some weird taxidermy as well? Just a suggestion to future film-makers who already want to re-make the Hogwarts series and stuff.  

This dress seems to echo the romantic, Pretty in Pink prom stereotypes addressed at least once (and sometimes twice as in the case of Freaks and Geeks) in every youth-centric television series but also echo the collection Rodarte did in collaboration with Target in December 2009. As many of you may remember, Tavi Gevinson did a running commentary of the pieces in that collection during her 'awkward' phase when she was still small and cute, proudly wearing her glasses. The complicated nature of nude slip dress, lace long sleeves with thumb holes and slightly ballerina-esque ruffled skirt all affirm to me the overt, feminine nature of the dress and slight nod towards 1980s party frocks. Small accessories, which, from afar could very well be clunky vintage buttons and thrifted brooches pinned on the shoulders along with black lace ankle heels and a thick, elasticised belt blur the line between runway chic and blogger obsessed with thrifting and originality.

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