Saturday, June 15, 2013

Where's Wally?

Wearing: Beanie and top as a skirt from Where's Wally costume, sweater from my childhood, cat flower barrette from ginette pomette, childhood socks and holographic brogues from Wittner shoes, thrifted scrunchie.

There's something really odd about what I've been feeling lately; other than an utter sense of being drained, waiting to fall asleep at night for what seems like an eternity and incorporating my Neopet toy collection into outfit posts. I think this expresses the sentiments of college students with stupid berets, expensive focaccias and cups of fair trade coffee without smoking cigarettes and in a more child-like nostalgia. I've been meaning to compose this for ages; finally picked the sewing of the neckline of this top to wear as a skirt while procrastinating and avoiding reading Geology textbooks.

One of my friends from high school posted on Facebook last night about growing a beard and running away to join the circus if she fails her accounting exam. I can strongly identify with those misty-teared sentiments and a clever comment about debit tears and credit happiness. Why can't I just write a book about accounting humour instead?


  1. lorve that jumper!xx

  2. You have such an awesome blog and I like your style! I really want those shoes. Aren't exams terrible?? I should be studying for mine right now...

  3. Love your blog!

  4. Oh I love your style and your blog!